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Many organizations implement enterprise search solutions to enhance their business. NetOwl has been integrated with various enterprise search products, including Elasticsearch, Google Search Appliance, MarkLogic, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle Endeca, and Solr. All of these search engines are greatly enhanced when they use NetOwl’s entity extraction capabilities.

For example, NetOwl Extractor enables popular semantic-based faceted search where search results can be easily navigated by examining top person, organization, place, and other entity names extracted from the documents. In addition, NetOwl’s advanced Link and Event extraction capabilities allow faceted search based on its event ontology in addition to the entity ontology.

NetOwl is a partner of Elasticsearch and is integrated with Elasticsearch and Kibana to offer a faceted search and visualization solution.  NetOwl also works with Blacklight to offer a Solr-based faceted search solution out-of-the-box. NetOwl, a technology partner of MarkLogic, offers easy faceted search integration with MarkLogic through its Open Enrichment Framework. Additionally NetOwl TextMiner offers advanced search and discovery capabilities with broad semantic ontologies.

In addition to faceted search, NetOwl Extractor may be used to enable high-precision semantic search utilizing its semantic disambiguation capabilities. For example, users can search for “Austin” as a person, not city, “Apple” as a company, or “fire” as a conflict event, not a personnel event.

NetOwl also provides unique Smart Geotagging capabilities, which allow geospatial search so that users can search or browse documents through a map-based user interface.

For structured and unstructured data, NetOwl NameMatcher enhances enterprise search through its intelligent name matching. The same names can be written in a variety of ways due to misspelling, transliteration variation, order variation, nicknames, and so on. With NameMatcher users no longer have to type exact names of people or organizations to find all the relevant data they are looking for.

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