Key Features of Entity Extraction

  • High Accuracy & Speed

    High Accuracy & Speed

    Provides state-of-the-art entity extraction accuracy on many different types of text.  Extremely fast and scalable for real-time analysis.

  • On Premise or In the Cloud

    On Premise or In the Cloud

    Supports Docker and Kubernetes for easy and scalable deployment.

  • Easy Integration

    Easy Integration

    An easy-to-integrate entity extraction tool with a REST API. Pre-integrated with popular search and analytics tools like Elasticsearch and Esri ArcGIS.

  • Coreference Resolution

    Coreference Resolution

    Resolves co-referring entities, whether they are name aliases or acronyms:

    • “Ms. Smith” ➞ “Mary Smith”
    • “FAA” ➞ “Federal Aviation Administration”
  • Customizable


    Creator Edition (CE) enables the customization of existing entity types or addition of new entity types.

  • Language ID

    Language ID

    A seamlessly integrated language ID module detects the language of the input text automatically and performs entity extraction accordingly.

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