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Costs and risks associated with electronic discovery have skyrocketed due to the enormous quantities of electronic data now available.  Intensive, purely human review of documents simply isn’t practical anymore from the perspective of either coverage or cost.  This is a problem that touches every industry.

Fortunately, products such as NetOwl, based on sophisticated natural language processing, offer automated and highly accurate e-Discovery capabilities.  NetOwl automatically categorizes and prioritizes documents.  It offers concept-based search that goes far beyond the simple and highly ambiguous keyword capabilities such as those found in other e-Discovery products.  NetOwl discovers the key concepts in documents, including ones that are previously unknown.  For example, NetOwl not only identifies the documents containing mentions of key individuals or organizations in documents, it identifies individuals and organizations previously unidentified but that may play a critical role in case analysis.  NetOwl identifies the critical linkages between individuals, e.g. who attended which meetings, and thus goes far beyond the simple link analysis afforded by co-occurrence analysis or analysis of patterns in the To:, From:, or Cc: fields.  NetOwl analyzes the entire message looking for the critical clues.

NetOwl is engineered for high-volume processing over many different data sources.  It integrates easily with databases, document and content management systems, portals, and other sources of electronic content.  It has a rich API that offers easy integration into existing workflows.  NetOwl is cloud-deployable for horizontal scalability, offering rapid processing of massive amounts of data.

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