Text Analytics

The explosion of unstructured data has created an information challenge for many organizations. Until now, organizations have not been able to effectively mine unstructured data found in email, news, web, social media, or other unstructured data sources.

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Entity Analytics

Highly scalable and accurate name matching and identity resolution capabilities are crucial in many areas, from national security to risk management, anti-fraud, and CRM.  NetOwl offers advanced entity analytics products for these Big Data challenges.

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Big Data & Cloud

The rapid growth of text and entity data, partially fueled by the increasing use of Social Media, necessitates Big Data analysis in Cloud Computing environments.  NetOwl has been used for Big Data analytics by our customers, some of whom …

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Text and Entity Analytics for Big Data

NetOwl® offers a suite of best-of-breed text and entity analytics products.  NetOwl analyzes Big Data in the form of text data – news, email, web, social media, and any other text document that organizations would like to exploit – as well as structured entity data about people, organizations, places, and things.  NetOwl has a long history of empowering our most demanding customers who have mission-critical requirements to analyze an extremely large volume of data in a variety of forms and languages. Our team of engineers and researchers continues to expand NetOwl’s capabilities to keep pace with evolving information needs.

NetOwl Success Stories

NetOwl customers include some of the world’s most sophisticated organizations with the most demanding Big Data environments in sectors such as intelligence, defense, media, and risk management.  The … [Read More]