NetOwl EntityMatcher

Identity Resolution

NetOwl EntityMatcher is intelligent identity resolution software that addresses the needs of many critical entity matching applications. These applications call for accurate, fast, and scalable matching of entity records based not only on similarities of the entity names but also other key entity attributes such as date of birth, place of birth, and nationality, as well as social network information such as employer, spouse, associate, etc.

Going Beyond Name Matching

NetOwl EntityMatcher performs identity resolution based on any combination of available record attributes by utilizing its unique proprietary search and indexing engine that allows combination of evidence from multiple matching attributes in a highly robust, scalable, and intuitive fashion.

NetOwl EntityMatcher leverages our industry leading multicultural, multi-lingual name matching product, NetOwl NameMatcher, to enable sophisticated name matching of various entity types across different languages and to perform scalable, high-accuracy identity resolution. Accuracy of name matching of various types – such as people, organizations, places, and addresses – is crucial in identity resolution which requires name matching for all the record attributes where the values are names. These record attributes include, for example, employer, spouse, child, associate, and place of birth.

Identity Resolution Applications

NetOwl EntityMatcher provides key capabilities to meet the identity resolution challenges in many industries including:

  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (e.g., Medicare/Medicaid, Tax, Insurance)
  • Homeland Security (e.g., Terrorist Watch Lists, Visa Screening)
  • Law Enforcement (e.g., Fusion Centers)
  • Regulatory Compliance (e.g., Know Your Customer, Politically Exposed People, OFAC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

With an approach that is unique, empirically driven, and leverages probabilistic machine learning, NetOwl EntityMatcher provides highly accurate, scalable, and flexible automated entity matching that is fully tunable and configurable for many different applications. Combined with NetOwl Extractor, NetOwl is the only product suite that performs identity resolution across both unstructured and structured data seamlessly.

  • Multilingual

    Supports multiple languages including:
    • Languages in Latin-based alphabets
    • Arabic
    • Chinese (traditional and simplified)
    • Korean
    • Persian (Farsi and Dari)
    • Languages in Cyrillic alphabets
  • Accurate

    Achieves highly accurate identity resolution using intelligent, probabilistic, entity matching rules derived from large-scale, real-world, multi-ethnicity name and other attribute data. Seamlessly combines evidence from multiple entity attributes to maximize accuracy.
  • Fast & Scalable

    Performs identity resolution against tens of millions or more entity records with sub-second response times. Highly scalable for Big Data environments.
  • Flexible

    The embedded robust name parsing component, as well as the flexible and thorough matching technology, dramatically reduces the need for preliminary data cleansing.
  • Cross-lingual

    Supports matching of a record in one language against records in other languages.
  • Customizable

    Allows parameter tuning as well as addition of custom rules and dictionaries.

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