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The explosion of the Social Media data has become both a challenge and an opportunity for many organizations. While the amount of unstructured data available via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. is staggering, the unprecedented amounts of personal views and opinions available within them are a rich source of extremely useful information if the data could be analyzed effectively in real time.

Public Sector organizations could use this Social Media data in many ways to enhance our lives, whether it is to improve national security, enhance public health and safety, or simply improve organizations themselves in response to feedback from the public.

Private Sector organizations could exploit Social Media data to improve customer support, identify and empower their influencers and advocates, evaluate on-going marketing campaigns, personalize their marketing for more effective ROI, and for many other purposes.

NetOwl’s multilingual text analytics products address this Big Data challenge for unstructured Social Media data in a variety of ways — from sentiment analysis, to more in-depth opinion mining on specific products, brands, and services, and to intelligent semantic analysis that can detect critical events in real time with high accuracy.

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