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The events of September 11 confronted the United States with an entirely new security environment. Terrorists and rogue states are now capable of doing grave damage to the United States on its own soil. This fact has necessitated fundamental changes in our national security posture. This ongoing process of thorough review and restructuring has made it clear that the United States needs better means to handle the vast amounts of unstructured data that contain critical information necessary to defend our homeland. The Government receives unstructured data in many forms: hard-copy documents — even hand-written ones, message traffic, faxes, e-mails, news, web pages, etc. More recently the amount of available Social Media data has exploded dramatically. It also comes in many different languages and the U.S. often has very few human analysts skilled in those languages.

In addition, we must have more effective ways of sharing this information among the many U.S. organizations that contribute to homeland security. Defending the homeland requires a seamless, technology-driven environment where analysts have data from a multitude of sources in a structured, usable format at their fingertips. NetOwl technology provides a means of achieving these goals by making it possible to exploit unstructured data and easily share it among analysts and across agencies.

NetOwl TextMiner

NetOwl TextMiner automatically retrieves, analyzes, extracts, summarizes and visualizes large amounts of unstructured data. It is an integrated analytical platform that enables analysts to quickly navigate through text data. Using TextMiner, an analyst can search a large document collection by following thematic links rather than simply reading the documents one after the other. TextMiner combines several technologies — search and retrieval, extraction, visualization, translation, and geospatial/link analysis — in a revolutionary way to deliver the information analysts need when they need it, without irrelevant material getting in the way. TextMiner represents a quantum leap over the traditional search engine, where an analyst is frequently swamped by a large amount of irrelevant material that effectively hides the ”good stuff” in all too many cases.

NetOwl Extractor

NetOwl Extractor goes beyond the extraction of names. Important as names are, an analyst must deal with information where names are partially or completely unknown. This product extracts links and events connecting people, organizations and items like weapons of mass destruction. Extractor delivers already packaged and understood critical information. The analyst is freed from scanning large amounts of repetitive information, and can have confidence that items of critical importance, like entities, links and events of critical importance for homeland security will not escape Extractor’s notice. Based on extensive work with Government analysts, Extractor’s set of links and events is the broadest available. NetOwl Extractor also handles several foreign languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

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