Entity Extraction for Content Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance

Entity Extraction, Risk Management

entity extraction for regulatory compliance

Many industries are subject to a number of regulations. In most of these cases regulations apply to all forms of business communication, including electronic content. For example, the financial securities industry is required to monitor communication between their employees and their customers.  This includes both incoming and outgoing email to make sure that they are in full compliance with securities laws and regulations.

Tedious manual review processes, which were once the norm, are impractical in the Digital Age, when extremely large volumes of data are generated by email, texting, and other electronic messaging systems. Instead, Big Data problems like this one call for an automated solution that can analyze email content and flag and quarantine email according to industry regulations.

It’s important that the automated solution be accurate, robust, scalable to Big Data proportions, and can operate in real time.  While keyword-based search systems may be able to handle the scale, they suffer significantly on the accuracy front. For example, some mentions of the word “guarantee” are perfectly fine, but others like a broker guaranteeing a return from a particular stock or investment are not allowed.

A Case Study of Content Monitoring for Regulatory Compliance

NetOwl has a proven track record in the monitoring of electronic content for regulatory compliance.  It has been licensed to many global firms in the financial industry as part of an enterprise message management software solution by a large IT management software company.

The software detects language indicating a number of potential violations ranging from questionable business practices including hard-pressure sell tactics, stock hyping, and insider trading to more general firm preservation and legal liability issues such as jokes and other not safe for work communication. It also flags inbound messages expressing complaints, to ensure they are handled through appropriate internal processes.

Once a message is flagged, the system can be configured to either  let a copy of the message go to its  intended recipient or hold the message until a human reviewer approves or rejects it. A compliance officer reviews the quarantined message and can reject it, approve it, or send a warning to the sender.

This email screening solution relies on NetOwl’s high-accuracy, high-throughput, and scalable Entity Extraction product. The software was customized and extended to detect compliance violations.

Compared to other types of software, NetOwl’s Entity Extractor is not only scalable but also highly accurate in detecting compliance violations. To learn more about NetOwl’s Entity Extraction, contact NetOwl today.