NetOwl TextMiner

Text Analytics

NetOwl TextMiner is a powerful text mining solution that enables users to find, organize, analyze, and mine a large volume of unstructured information. TextMiner integrates state-of-the-art data analysis tools within a robust, scalable architecture. The user gains quick access to all and only high-value information by means of an innovative and easy-to-use Web-based interface that promotes the rapid navigation of large amounts of textual data. It is ideal for supporting “what if” analysis, discovery, quick response investigation, and detailed research.

Advanced Semantic Search

Utilizing NetOwl Extractor’s entity, link, and event extraction capabilities, NetOwl TextMiner enables advanced semantic search that goes beyond simple keyword search. For example, users can ask questions like “Who is affiliated with organization X?” or “Which country purchased satellites from country Y?”

Integrated Geospatial Analysis

NetOwl TextMiner search results can be displayed geospatially on tools such as Google Maps™ mapping service and ESRI software for geospatial analysis seamlessly.

Integrated Link Analysis

NetOwl TextMiner allows link diagrams to be automatically generated from a search result and exported to link analysis tools seamlessly.

Biographical Analysis

NetOwl TexMiner automatically constructs a comprehensive biography of a person, organization, place, or other entity types from multiple documents.

  • Advanced Search

    • Full text search
    • Semantic search
    • Intelligent name search
    • Faceted search
    • Topic categorization
  • 3rd-party Product Integration

    • Elasticsearch
    • Google Earth
    • Google Maps
    • Highcharts
    • IBM i2 Analyst’s Nobebook
    • NetOwl Extractor
    • NetOwl NameMatcher
  • Multilingual

    • English
    • Arabic
    • Chinese (traditional and simplified)
    • French
    • German
    • Korean
    • Persian (Farsi, Dari)
    • Russian
    • Spanish

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