Our mission since the beginning has been to be the premier text analytics and entity analytics provider in the world.  We deployed the first text analytics product in the NetOwl line in 1996, following extensive R&D.  It was one of the first commercial entity extraction products available then.  Our products utilize the most sophisticated natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, and machine learning techniques, combined with top-quality engineering, to deliver the fastest, the most robust, and the most accurate text analytics and data analytics software available.

We have been the perennial top performer in many third-party benchmarking efforts, conducted by both commercial and government customers.  These efforts have included entity extraction, text categorization, geotagging, and multicultural name matching, all of which are critical component technologies of text and entity analytics.  We believe in the continual quantitative testing of our products to achieve state-of-the-art performance.

NetOwl products are deployed in many mission-critical systems that utilize advanced text and entity analytics technologies.  Our clients utilize NetOwl because they recognize that NetOwl is uniquely qualified for handling their most challenging text and data analytical tasks.

We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and providing high-quality customer support.  In addition, over the years our products have been continually molded by customer feedback.  Their requirements have strongly influenced the course of our product development.   Our earliest customers, who still utilize NetOwl, were U.S. Government agencies who had Big Data requirements before the concept and the term recently became so popular.  This focused our attention on how to make our technology “Big Data-capable” long before the rest of the world began to address the challenge.

Our technology has developed along a path of increasing sophistication and has never ceased to move into new areas.  Beginning with our first entity extraction product NameTag, which focused on named entities only, we later added the link and event extraction capabilities and also geo-enabled our extraction products through Smart Geotagging as a response to our customers’ increasing interest in geospatial analysis.  In the recent past, we have moved into entity analytics, especially multicultural name matching and identity resolution, as our customers asked for more sophisticated technologies to perform data fusion and discovery.

We love to work on real-world challenges for our customers, and we strive to be the vendor on call for solving the toughest customer problems.

NetOwl is a division of SRA International, Inc., a CSRA company.

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