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Content providers use NetOwl Extractor to semantically enrich their content. The semantic information extracted from text by NetOwl in the form of names, links, and events enables much more sophisticated means of knowledge discovery than simple keyword search.

For example, LexisNexis®, a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, is using NetOwl’s entity and relationship extraction capabilities as part of ongoing efforts to semantically enrich the vast amounts of text-based content it offers to its clients. This enrichment provides their clients with greatly improved legal research capabilities.

The semantic information extracted from text by NetOwl enables significantly improved accuracy when surfacing relevant content for customers researching specific entities, such as attorneys and law firms. Content processed by NetOwl enables more sophisticated content discovery capabilities and advanced answer filtering, enhancing the ability to quickly locate the most relevant documents and efficiently analyze information for their legal research. LexisNexis uses its High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) to analyze massive amounts of text through NetOwl.

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