By Industries

NetOwl products have been used in a wide range of text and data analytics solutions for a diverse set of customers, ranging from government analysts working to defend the homeland to financial analysts trying to discover critical information about companies. The NetOwl product line has been built to provide fast and easy tailoring to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

Intelligence Analysis

NetOwl creates a seamless, easy-to-use analytical environment. Analysts have data from a multitude of sources at their fingertips. This makes it easy to exploit structured and unstructured data and easily share among analysts and across agencies.

Enterprise Content Enrichment

NetOwl enables semantic enrichment of enterprise content for more sophisticated knowledge discovery and search than provided by simple keyword search.


NetOwl increases the productivity of electric document discovery with automatic identification and extraction of key entities and events within the documents – people, places, companies, dollar amounts, dates, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

NetOwl helps financial institutions and other regulated firms satisfy both domestic and worldwide “Know Your Customer (KYC)” and “Politically Exposed Person (PEP)” regulations by accurately and efficiently identifying potential customers in relevant lists and providing more comprehensive, up-to-date information on individuals of interest.

Cyber Security

NetOwl enhances cyber security through cyber threat analysis of unstructured data. Combination of unstructured data analysis with traditional structured data analysis offers more comprehensive cyber threat pictures that are critical to enterprise security.

Enterprise Message Management

NetOwl enables organizations to automatically mine, flag and quarantine e-mail according to industry regulations.

Life Sciences

NetOwl helps researchers cut through unstructured text data, speeding the drug approval process and mining the scientific literature, so that companies and research organizations maintain their competitiveness.