We’ve heard many different questions over the years about NetOwl products and their capabilities. Here are some of the most common.  For more detailed information about NetOwl products, please contact us.

General Questions:

Q:  How did you get into entity analytics after your start in text analytics?

A:  Our NetOwl Extractor product in particular was quickly determined to provide significant information about key entities mentioned in text content.  It wasn’t long before our customers started asking us if we could then analyze this structured data that was being generated from this unstructured content to help them determine if entities mentioned in one document lined up with either entities in another document or with structured entity information they had outside of NetOwl.  This led to the development of our NameMatcher and EntityMatcher products.

Technology Questions:

Q:  What makes NetOwl technology the best?

A:  There are many factors that have made NetOwl the premier text and entity analytics software products.  We have a diverse team of software developers, computational linguists, researchers, as well as support staff to help our customers make the most of our software from initial software evaluations through Operations and Maintenance.  We combine both extensive experience in the field, fresh thinking about new and better capabilities driven by the requirements of our current and prospective customers.

Doing Business with NetOwl Questions:

Q:  How is NetOwl licensed?

A:  There are multiple different licensing models that are available with the NetOwl products.  Please contact us to help determine the most appropriate model for your particular intended application(s).

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